Success Accelerated

Speed up development, maximise success rates and enhance experiences

Our Accelerators consider real-life scenarios, as opposed to conceptual ideas, to increase engagement and provide high-value solutions at maximum efficiency

Quick Start Packages

Revenue. Accelerated.

Keen to ensure you’re getting maximum value and output from your Sales Team?

We have pre-configured industry best practice Lead and Opportunity processes, along with key reports and intuitive dashboards, allowing you to put your customers at the heart of your sales strategy.

Experience. Accelerated.

Looking for a way to engage with, and service, your customers anywhere at any time?

With features including highly efficient Case Management processes, Live Agent workflows, Knowledge and Articles, as well as key ISV plug-ins, your customers will benefit from a better-connected, seamless experience.

Personalisation. Accelerated.

Would you like to create one to one relationships with your customers based on their preferences?

Make the most of your data and create unique relationships with your customers by proactively messaging them with the right content at the right time.

Service. Accelerated.

Want to connect your workforce to deliver intelligent and productive onsite Field Services?

Our comprehensive package includes workshops to items such as; work order creation and customisations, mobile enablement and work fulfilment.

Account Engagement. Accelerated.

Do you want to speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time?

Quick Starts include: User & PROFILE Setup, Field Mapping, Connected Campaign Set-up, Training and a wide range of automation assets.