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We've helped our customers enhance client relationships, improve targeting and increase lead conversion.

Streamline Sales Processes for Efficiency and Success

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers customisable workflows and automation capabilities to streamline and standardise sales processes. By automating tasks like lead qualification and quote generation, Sales Cloud boosts efficiency, reduces manual errors, and accelerates deal closures.

Read how we helped ethical clothing company Kowtow align Sales Cloud to its processes

Achieve Real-time Visibility and Collaboration

We can provide comprehensive dashboards and reports, offering a holistic view of sales metrics, forecasts, and performance. Sales leaders can make data-driven decisions, track progress, and foster collaboration within the sales organisation.

Unlock Valuable Customer Insights for Personalised Sales Strategies

We can enable sales leaders to consolidate and analyse customer data from various touchpoints with Salesforce Sales Cloud. With unified customer data, sales leaders gain valuable insights, create personalised sales experiences, and drive targeted marketing campaigns, ultimately increasing revenue.

Find out more about the insight Sales Cloud provides Lightman Investment Management.

Drive Accurate Sales Forecasting for Informed Decision-making

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides advanced forecasting capabilities based on real-time data. We can help Sales leaders leverage AI-powered forecasting models and predictive analytics to generate accurate sales forecasts, empowering them to plan strategically and achieve targets.

Simplify Sales Documentation for Consistency and Compliance

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides robust document management capabilities for streamlined document creation, storage, and sharing. We can help you utilise the automation features so you can generate accurate and customised sales proposals, contracts, and documentation, ensuring consistency, reducing errors, and enhancing compliance.

Accelerate implementation, accelerate ROI

Get started with Sales Cloud faster with Adapt IQ’s accelerators – pre-configured processes, based on industry best practices. Tell us what you need; we’ll help you achieve it with Salesforce - fast.

Discover add-ons like Revenue Cloud

Work with our experts to explore the full range of add-ons and features within Sales Cloud. See how Revenue Cloud can automate quote generation and accelerate billing or how Sales Engagement can help prioritise leads and automate work allocation. And when you’ve found features you could benefit from, we’ll help you roll them out.

Sales Cloud Customers

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