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Are you tired of your sales team struggling with spreadsheets and email during the critical final stages of the sales cycle? Adapt IQ, can help you revolutionise the way your team closes deals, ensuring a swift and efficient process. Here's why partnering with Adapt IQ can unlock the full potential of Salesforce CPQ.

Quicker Sales Process

In the fast-paced world of sales, unforeseen circumstances can stall or jeopardise deals. Adapt IQ understands the importance of a quicker sales process. Salespeople using Salesforce CPQ report significant time savings, with instances like Domino Printing Sciences achieving an 80% faster quote delivery and Nimble Storage experiencing a 34% reduction in approval time.

Streamlined Deal-Making

Say goodbye to the days of sales reps wasting valuable time on pricing complexities and contract approvals. Adapt IQ will build your team a dynamic deal-making tool that accelerates even the most intricate quoting processes. The result? Faster deal closures, allowing your sales team to move on to the next opportunity without unnecessary delays.

Control and Visibility

Adapt IQ provides your company with unprecedented control and visibility over your offerings. In the absence of CPQ, sales teams often operate in chaotic scenarios, sending out unapproved pricing and promising products that no longer exist. Adapt IQ introduces guardrails, ensuring accurate tracking, analysis, and forecasting by eliminating data silos in spreadsheets.

Full Integration for Enhanced Sales Processes

While CRM software manages most of the sales journey, businesses often underutilise its integration into their processes. Adapt IQ advocates for full integration between CPQ and CRM, providing an updated approach to sales.

A Holistic Solution for a Leaner Sales Process

Adapt IQ transforms CPQ from a mere sales solution into an integral part of your company's entire workflow. It goes beyond being just a back-office solution, offering a means to streamline cumbersome sales processes into lean, productive systems.

Partner with Adapt IQ today to elevate your Salesforce CPQ experience and revolutionise the way your team closes deals. Make every quote count, every time.

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