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Build & scale your institutional knowledge

Efficiently capture comprehensive personal and financial data from diverse sources and scenarios. Organise this data in a manner that aligns with your business objectives and your clients' investment priorities. Leverage this valuable information to foster stronger relationships and deliver investment returns that align with clients' risk appetite.

Within the suite of Salesforce solutions, there are multiple tools that facilitate the creation of a unified view of the customer. Recognising the nuances of the wealth management landscape, Adapt IQ has developed Accelerators and additional capabilities that take this to the next level. Our solutions empower advisors and equity managers to capture unrelated details, such as individuals' interests, in a structured manner, further enhancing the quality of insights gained.

See how we empowered Lightman Investment Management with a 360-degree view of each of its clients.

Simplify Client-Product Matching and Investor-Opportunity Pairing with Adapt IQ Financial Services Accelerators

Identifying investment products that align best with each client's needs and efficiently targeting individuals and organisations within the client base who are most likely interested in specific investment opportunities is a time-consuming task.

Adapt IQ's team of experts assists in developing robust search and analysis tools within Salesforce, enabling accurate product and investment recommendations seamlessly. Our solutions leverage customer knowledge to provide tailored and valuable insights, empowering advisors to match clients with suitable products and investors with relevant opportunities.

Automate Documentation and Due Diligence

Generating and distributing essential documentation efficiently, ensuring compliance, and expediting the verification process for due diligence purposes is a manual and time-intensive process.

With Adapt IQ's expertise, we streamline the follow-up process for every client interaction by automating the creation and delivery of customised documents. Our solutions provide a comprehensive audit trail, and through self-service portals, clients can upload signed copies, simplifying the verification process. This optimises document management, enhances efficiency, and provides a seamless experience for clients.

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