Deliver personalisation throughout every stage of the FinTech customer journey

We can help you increase the speed of your decision making, onboarding, and transaction times with Salesforce

Allow Adapt IQ’s Fintech Service Accelerators to give your business a powerful head start

FinTech Accelerators have been meticulously crafted to leverage the full potential of Salesforce. These Accelerators go beyond standard solutions and incorporate a range of non-standard enhancements, offering you a robust customer service platform. With a firm foundation provided, you can effectively build and scale your customer service function, ensuring long-term growth and success.

Protecting Customers and Satisfying Regulatory Requirements

With decades of experience operating in Financial Services, the team at Adapt IQ has built Accelerators that simplify regulatory compliance and ensure that customers are protected throughout their journey. Topics such as TCF, Consumer Duty and GDPR are easily managed within our solutions leaving you more time to focus on product and service innovation.

Expanding the Customer 360 platform with Adapt IQ’s Financial Services Accelerators

Existing customer service solutions lack a centralised repository for storing customer interactions, leading to fragmented data sources and hindering data insights. This prevents businesses from gaining a deep and meaningful understanding of their customers and their needs.

Our customer-centric solutions, designed with Customer 360 in mind, provide a centralised repository for capturing customer interactions from various sources. Through automation and AI, we extract valuable insights to develop proactive, automated services that address customer issues promptly. This leads to faster resolution times, enabling accelerated operational growth without the need for extensive team expansion. By maximising margins and freeing up resources, businesses can focus on key priorities.

Discover how we enabled trade finance specialists Triterras to transform its lead management and introduce marketing automation.

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